Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Why snowflakes?

Why snowflakes as the name of my blog? This is an excellent question. Snowflakes recently came to have a new meaning in my life. I am seeking Financial Peace and I am doing that with the help of Dave Ramsey and his program. In "My Total Money Makeover" snowflakes represent anything EXTRA you can do to add fuel to the fire, so to speak, of getting debt paid off in order to become debt free. You know like how snowflakes are SO small but as those tiny pieces fall, and fall, and fall, suddenly you have a 6ft mound of snow. So wish me well. This journey will be difficult; busting old habits, doing without now so I don't have to later, leaving a POSITIVE legacy for my children. So here is my journey. Yes, it is weird! That is ok, when normal in this country is drowning in debt, I don't want to be normal.

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