Thursday, September 9, 2010

Crazy for TMMO

I think every night since last Wednesday (not yesterday) I have constantly dreamed all night long about things I can do to get this debt snowball rolling. It is crazy! I am so motivated! When I sat down and realized that DH and I do ok financially, not rich or even near it by any means, but we do ok, I was taken aback. Because since we weren't giving every dollar a name, it didn't really feel like we were doing ok. But when I sit back and realize that just last month, my sister-in-law got married, all four of us were in the wedding, and we did it financially with hardly noticing. This meant a700 mile drive-one way, the purchase of a bridesmaid's dress, a flower girl dress, a ring bearer dress shirt, pants and tie, and a groomsman dress shirt, pants, and tie. Plus some contribution on the the bachelor/bachelorette parties and wedding gifts plus my missing a week of work unpaid. If we were able to do all of that and barely feel it, then every other month should be smooth sailing and I should be making some huge dents in debt. Instead, we do a lot of eating out and just not tracking spending. I am so excited for this to change! It really is all a matter of mindset. Now, if DH and I could just be on the same page......

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