Saturday, September 11, 2010

What Can I Do?

Ok, I am sitting here listening to the Dave Ramsey show from yesterday via podcast. If you listened to the show from yesteray (September 10, 2010) you know that Dave was having lots of "We're DEBT FREE" calls. I just get so stirred up when I hear this. If you never have, you need to listen. He listens to the callers' stories then has them count down and they scream out "I'm DEBT FREE" in the loudest voice they can and he then plays the clip from Braveheart where William Wallace (Mel Gibson) yells out "FREEDOM!!!" I get chills every time this happens. I can't wait to be able to say that. As I listen to these stories, I begin thinking, "what can I do to make my shovel (income) larger?" I already work 25-30 hours a week at my job. I am paid pretty well for what I do and I love my job. I am paid hourly + commission so I have opportunity to broaden my shovel there. My hubby is military so the only room for raising income is when the government says so with cost of living raise, or rank advancement, which is still, in part, up to the government. So, I am open to ideas. What can I do to earn some extra money without shirking my obligations to my family and my church? My goal will be to compile a list of things and get some ads out or sell some things, etc. I have done some things already such as sign up with some mystery shopping websites, sign up with to get assignments from them to write about here and get paid, call my old boss at the restaurant I worked at before my current job to see if she was needing some help one night a week or so. Maybe I could offer to walk dogs or something. I just know I want to taste the FREEDOM and I won't quit until I am there. I...CAN'T....WAIT!!!!!


  1. For me to stay home it has meant getting rid of the extras. Have you tried just going with a basic cell phone or just one cell phone. That means no texting, no internet, etc. Our only bills are rent, electric, phone and internet/tv. The kids are not in dance, gymnastics, music lessons or sports which not only would include monthly fees but also lots of extra trips to town. I never buy clothes at full price. Always off the super duper clearance. This means my daughter does not have a super cute pair on sunday shoes and usually only 1 to 2 dresses in any size. I also cook from scratch. The frozen food section is basically unheard of at our house. I also have had to accept that while I went through college debt free due to medical bills that have been completely unavoidable I will always be in medical debt. We just stay away from any other debt. I ad comp ads from Jackson and Memphis, buy food in bulk, only buy school supplies when they are super cheap. Birthday parties are small ($50 or less) and Christmas is not big either (may $100 a child). We also do not go on dates, to concerts, out with friends to bars, to sports games, etc.

  2. Thanks for your input, April(I am assuming here). I really appreciate it! There are definitely other things I could be doing and I sometimes forget that. Cooking from scratch would be a huge one for me. With the kid's clothes, I honestly rarely buy them clotes as the grandparents usually buy enough when they find sales to more than sustain the kiddos. I know some of those other things do cost like the kid's sports and dance, but those will probably be staying in our budget. But, we live close to everything so we don't have the added expense of gas like when I lived in HV. I really do have to start taking advantage of coupons/ad matching more often. My problem is I am pretty unorganized so I don't get to things on time or at the right time, I supose would make better sense. Thanks again.